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Below is what was the running status of both Cynth and the bike during the weeks after the accident in April 2005 - I leave it here for you all to see what was happening as the time progressed but thankfully both are now well and the journey has resumed.

Current Status

I've spoken with Cynth this evening (12th) and she sounds in very good spirits - the bottle of Chilean Red may have been a help though. I think she's kind of staggered and embarrassed by the interest and generosity that everyone is showing here and, I don't think, realised how many of of us have been sharing her Journey with her. She sounded well and claims her breathing is improving but she has been told not to ride for a least four weeks which is unlikely to be possible anyway. It seems that the Doctors wife is insisting that she stays for a while and I got the feeling that Cynth is enjoying making friends with the real people of Chile and is so far highly impressed with the friendliness and hospitality of the people she's met so far - these memories are what a trip is all about and will remain with her for life as, I'm sure, will all the new friends she's making.

Apparently the GPS shows that Cynth was travelling at 50 mph when she hit the rock - if she went into the soft stuff first I dread to think of the speed before impact.

First descriptions of the bike make it appear that it may be possible to repair it in which case your pledges may well be required in the next few weeks so......... in the event that it's decided that Reg should go out to give Cynthia a hand to get the bike up and away again are there any folks out there who would be able to offer their services with anything such as arranging cheap flights, shipping of parts etc etc or any other type of useful and practical services??

Looking at the new photos below, it looks life the headstock is well twisted - as used G/S frames are difficult to find does anyone out there have one that they care to donate or sell????? If you have, then please mail me from the pledge link

OK folks, it looks like it's all going to happen - see the Pledges Page

15th April

Todays update: thanks to Reg a brand new frame and wheel are to be ordered from Germany on Monday. We have been assured that one is available and should be here in five days. Pidcock Motorcycles of Long Eaton are supplying and are willing to sort the shipping to Chile which should be about another seven days - many thanks to them for their assistance. Most of the rest of the parts shouldn't be too difficult to get together although they may have to be shipped separately due to time constraints. Still working on the parts lists though. The plan is coming together.

16th April

Looks like most parts are sourced. Still a few to order and Cynth still has to double check the condition of one or two items but hopefully in around a weeks time the parts should be ready to ship.

17th April

Looking good so far - Cynth should be confirming payment details with Pidcock Motorcycles tomorrow (required before they will order the parts) - hopefully they will still allow a Club VP discount even if she hasn't been able to produce her membership card and most other parts are sourced. As I'm told by the sales guy that to avoid the VAT, Cynthia has to pay direct (not what everyone else is saying but as he's prepared to sort the shipping to Chile we can live with it), it does mean that I'm unable to use the fund to pay for the major shipping costs - so.....hopefully you'll all be happy for me to use it as I feel is appropriate so I'll likely use a chunk of the donated funds to pay Cynthia for a major part such as the frame on our behalf. I'll play it all by ear and keep you all informed here.

18th April

Have most things sourced but have no idea if Pidcocks have yet ordered the frame, wheel and brake disc!! Reg tried to order them on Friday on Cynth's behalf and I spoke to the sales guy on Saturday and he was insistent that he had to confirm payment details first (fair enough I suppose) so Cynth emailed CC info to them last night and phoned this morning to confirm only to be told the salesman wasn't in today and that someone else would phone back....... guess I don't need to say any more do I? Cynth will phone again tomorrow and given the chance, so will I but if the order isn't confirmed tomorrow I'll have to take it to another dealer that I know will look after us even if we have to arrange the shipping ourselves. Time is running short if Reg is to fly out on the 14th. Dave Little's son Jess has also volunteered to fly out at his own expense around the beginning of the month and hopefully should help Cynth get most of it prepared before Reg arrives - guess it's a good excuse for a holiday with a difference. I'm green with envy but making a living has to come first.

19th April

Starting to look good. Pidcocks have now ordered all of the new parts - the main parts will be coming from Germany which will take a few days and then all has to be crated and flown out to Chile which is likely to take another week or thereabouts. Most other used parts are here although I still have to re-seal the forks and check them over. Phil Kingston of Euro Classics kindly donated a pair of yokes but it wasn't till I checked them that I realised the GS has it's own specific yokes (thanks anyway Phil) so we're back to using the borrowed ones.

21st April 2005

All the used parts are now here, prepared and ready to get over to Pidcocks to include with the shipping package. Still awaiting delivery of a screen and the phone call from Pidcocks to say the main, new parts have arrive from Germany (likely to be early next week). Reg's flight to Santiago has now been booked and he flies out on May 14th but still has to sort flights from Santiago to where Cynthia is. Mike Spinak kindly offered the load of some standard BMW panniers but as Cynth is using large alloy ones it's not an option - many thanks for the offer though Mike.

25th April 2005

All parts are now together and are currently with Pidcock Motorcycles for packing and shipping - hopefully the parts will be shipped in the next couple of days which should allow time for them to arrive in Chile before Reg does. Thanks are due to John and Richard at Pidcocks for the trouble they are taking over arranging the packing and shipping by air - I'd have had nightmares trying to sort that so it really is much appreciated.

28th April 2005

All parts have been shipped by Pidcocks today and should be with Cynth around the 7th May. Many thanks, guys. It looks like Reg's expenses will be somewhere around 1,700/1,800 so when that's all settled, I'll use any remainder to to reimburse Cynthia for some of the parts.

4th May 2005

I guess Jess must have arrived 'cos I've just had a text to say the engine is ready to come out - fingers crossed that UPS do their job with the shipping!

5th May 2005

Have spoken with Dave Little who has talked with Jess, and apparently most of the bike is stripped into large lumps and awaiting the arrival of the parts containers. The latest photos on Page 9 show some of the damage and from the way the light reflects from the top frame tube, I'd suspect that if viewed from the side we'd see a large hump that would show the extent of the frame damage.

17th May 2005

Reg is there but parts haven't yet arrived - it's hoped they'll arrived tomorrow (18th).

19th May 2005

It seems that Cynth isn't healing as well as she's hoped so I guess she'll need to make decisions before too long - only time will tell if the trip continues or if she feels forced to cut it short. It would be a great pity if she had to cut the trip short but as she has already done more than most of us ever will there would be no shame in using common sense at this stage.

Had a text from Cynth just before 10pm to say that two of the three parcels have just arrived so.........let the rebuild commence!! Reg is also complaining that it's getting colder by the day and that he's working outside in 0C - I was jealous that it wasn't me going out there but I've just changed my mind!

10.10pm - another text says that the forks are still missing - promised tomorrow but if they don't arrive it's a holiday weekend and would be Tuesday.

20th May 2005

Parts shipments have now all arrived and Reg is in action. 8pm text says: "Engine, gearbox, wiring, back end, steering done. Having well earned G&T's."

23rd May 2005

Had a text at lunchtime to say that the bike is finished - hopefully there will be some photos in due course. Reg must have worked hard to get it finished in this time as he's also had to take Mo (Reg's wife) to A&E with some problems - she's been pronounced OK though so hopefully all's well.

24th June 2005

Back on the road. Text says: 'Flown to Puerto Montt. Bike on Dairy truck on boat, ETA tomorrow PM. Absolutely no snow here.'

Many, many thanks to all those who have supported Cynth by donating funds to help this all happen - Reg's expenses won't eat all of the donations so when we know what is what with the funds, I'll donate the remainder to Cynth to pay for a specific major part(s) of the repairs and will let you know in due coarse what your donations bought.

After finalising all of Reg's expenses for the trip, there is a total of 407 left over and rather than donating it to Cynthia, she has asked the following:

"Although everyone who contributed to my rescue fund seemed happy for the balance remaining after Regs foray to Darkest Patagonia to help towards the new parts I needed, Ive asked that instead it be donated to the NABD.

For the non-bikers amongst you, this is the National Association for Bikers with a Disability; a charity which provides technical and financial assistance to riders with disabilities in order to make appropriate modifications to their bikes so they can still ride. I very nearly needed their assistance myself".

I will be sending them a cheque for the remainder in the next day or two.


Below are the first photos taken by flash and then the real story!

The accident 1 The accident 2 The accident 3 The accident 4
The Accident The Accident The Accident The Accident
The Accident The Accident The Accident The Accident
The Accident The Accident The Accident The Accident
The Accident The Accident The Accident