Cynthia Milton's Paradise Lost

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Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore

19th January 2005

Bang Saphan Beach, Thailand

Bang Saphan beach

Bang Saphan Beach, Thailand

Bang Saphan, Thailand

The bike in Paradise

Bike in paradise

Bike shelter on the motorway

Bike shelter for wetties

The busy Port of Melaka

Busy port of Melaka

Cambodian Little Chef

Cambodian Little Chef

Causeway between Malaysia & Singapore

Causeway Malaysia-Singapore

Mobile Coffin shop

Coffin Shop


Fountain in Melaka

Fountain Melaka

Road sign in Melaka

Melaka road sign

Tourist Prayer - Melaka

Tourists prayer, Melaka

Twin Towers - Petronas Towers

Twin Towers - Petronas towers

Vang Vieng, Laos

Vang Vieng, Laos

Sunset at Bang Saphan, Thailand

Sunset at Bang Saphan, Thailand

24th January 2005 Bike in godown waiting to be loaded on to the Venture to sail to Darwin



Bike in Godown

Singapore Girls - Martha (left, Suzuki DR650) is in the Singapore National Rowing Squad; Ai Ling (Ducati Monster and BMW F650GS) is VP of the BMW M/C Club of Singapore.

Singapore Girls

For the SunWimps - detail of bridge in Singapore, for your nostalgic delectation and delight.


Bridge in Singapore