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Thailand, Cambodia

20th November 2004

The BMW Club of Thailand formally sent their greetings from their AGM last night (I reciprocated, of course). Thought you might be interested: the AGM took place at a bikers' cafe, the beer was free, and the meeting lasted all of an hour despite being conducted in both Thai and English (due the the multinational nature of the members). The Committee consists of not less than 7 and not more than 9 members, at least 2 of which must be farangi (foreigners). There's currently a Serb (Alex), a German (Bert) and an American (Bruce) on the Committee. They're very proud of their recognition by BMW AG; their badge has the elephant of Thailand on the 'freehand' part. Most of the bikes were GSs (plenty of 1200s), but there was an outstanding K1200LT outfit.

Being led there and then back to my hotel through Bangkok traffic in a convoy of mad GS riders was brilliant. Wish my brakes were a bit better, though.

I'm joining their Club outing to Laos for a few days starting on Dec 4, from where I'll leave them and continue to Vietnam; meanwhile, the food for thought is that their next Club outing is to Tibet, early next year

BMW Club of Thailand's AGM venue

BMW Club of Thailand AGM Venue

Bikes outside the AGM

Bikes outside the BMW Club of Thailand's AGM

K1200LT outfit at the AGM

BMW K1200LT outfit at the AGM


22nd December 2004

At Kaeng Sapheu with the Thailand BMW Club; the Varadero belongs to a Yugoslav so doesn't count


Singaporean Terence (Honda VFR) and a few Bee-Ems at Chong Mek Customs on the way out of Laos


My nice young man Siul taking me to the temples in his tuk-tuk



First sight of Angkor Wat


Angkor Wat

View of a temple at Angkor

Angkor Wat

Strange faces in the rainforest




Needs a bit of restoration, really



Angkor Wat at sunset









Cambodian Little Chef

The "Choueng Ek Genocidal Memorial Museum" - some of the skulld recovered from the mass graves in the Killing Fields




Read it; the Cambodians will never forget